Dassys is a branding agency based in Singapore that delivers integrated branding & marketing solutions that help uncover each client?s unique story.

Branding Design.

Branding that makes a difference.

We are award winning brand concept designers.

We take on global brands and advance local ones.

At Dassys, we believe that a customized, stand-out design can mean the difference between a successful business and an also-ran. Connecting with your visitors by way of a well-designed and interactive website is no mean feat ? especially when you are trying to balance form and function. That is where Dassys?s 10 years in All type of design/development comes in.

To take your online business to the next level, you need a website that can turn visitors into customers. This is what Dassys is really, really good at. Ours is a corporation of highly qualified web designers, search engine specialists, UX and UI specialists, and online marketers based in India. With over 10 years bumping up rankings and online visibility for top corporations like Logistics, Marketing (and many many more!) ? we give you the power no other web design company can

Branding process

Great branding expresses the values and characteristics of an organization, product or service. After we fully understand your story, we identify the strategy, then create distinct visual graphics that represent your company in the market. Your brand should fit you like your favorite pair of jeans.

The process outlined below explains the stages required in the creation, roll-out and maintenance of a brand identity.

Client Discovery.

During our Client Discovery, we learn what makes your company unique and what differentiates you from the competition. We explore your history and culture by asking questions such as ?What are your reasons for being (mission) and plans for the future (vision)?? It?s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand.

Current Audit.

If available, we evaluate your current branding elements such as logo, website, print materials, and all other client communications. Through a facilitated discussion with your team, we document your current image and desired image.

Market Research.

To succeed in branding there must be a clear understanding of the needs and wants of your customers. By examining your industry environment and competitive landscape, we obtain a welldefined picture of what your customers value. Focus groups and online surveys are available/quoted upon request.

Strategic Messaging.

We review the collected data and form a marketing message congruent with your business goals. Your values and corporate personality are translated into words and positioning statements. We will assist you to confirm your mission and vision statements.

Graphic Design.

We create visual elements that express who you are at a glance. This is much more than a logo. Branding consistently combines your company?s visual elements: logo, color and font usage.

Team Review.

Together, we will review the new brand and discuss how all of the elements are working to convey your message. A creative brief explains the brand solutions and how they support your overall message.

Branding Reveal.

After final selection and incorporating your feedback of the chosen concept, we apply the new branding to a few communication elements to show you the overall messaging impact.

Branding Standards.

We define and create the accepted branding standards and usage guide for every point of public contact. The guide provides an outline of your color palette, typography, and graphics, as well as examples of your brand in use. By being consistent across all elements, your company will build a stronger brand and increase public awareness, thus building brand equity

Implementation(Roll out).

A strategic plan is created to launch your new brand both internally and to the public. Obvious applications are deliverables such as websites, signage, business cards, and brochures. We will provide a brand checklist and provide project estimates per request.

Completed Branding Work.

Dassys is a branding agency based in India that delivers integrated branding & marketing solutions that help uncover each client?s unique story.

Branding Work portfolio
Branding Work portfolio
Branding Work portfolio
Branding Work portfolio
Branding Work portfolio
Branding Work portfolio
Branding Work portfolio
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